As Twitchy told you, Ari Fleischer called out the media for their flaming double standard with regard to coordinating messages that advance a particular agenda. Brian Stelter was one of several journalists who took umbrage to Fleischer’s rebuke, telling Fleischer to put down his “broad brush”:

Stelter’s tut-tutting is obnoxious on its face. But in light of this? It’s even more ridiculous:

Stelter writes:

If you’ve ever been in a Mirror Maze attraction at an amusement park, you’ll know that it’s disorienting and repetitive. You’re seeing the same thing over and over again, but some of the reflections are distorted and confusing, making it difficult to find your way out.

That’s what it’s like to step inside President Trump’s hall of mirrors.

See, Trump’s media cheerleaders repeat what he says, and he relays the message back to them, and the mirror effect continues. You might start to feel dizzy.

Where to even begin? Stelter could just as easily be describing the media’s symbiotic relationship with Barack Obama. Also, the media obsessing over Trump’s awfulness today were the same media who gave him millions upon millions of dollars of free advertising during the election season. One could make a pretty convincing argument that liberal outlets like CNN were making a coordinated effort to ensure that Donald Trump would be the GOP presidential nominee. Talk about dizzying.

But here’s the money tweet:

For a guy who claims to be hyper-aware of what’s happening, Brian Stelter sure seems oblivious to what he’s been up to.






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