Well, well, well … would you look at this?

More from CNN:

The woman, a Russian national, worked for the US Secret Service for years before she came under suspicion during one of the State Department regional security office’s routine security reviews in 2016, the official said.

The security office found the woman was having regular, unauthorized meetings with the Russian intelligence service, the FSB.

A person familiar with this case says the woman in question was actually employed by the State Department, but did work for the Secret Service as part of her job at the embassy. All foreign nationals are technically employed by the State Department — which vets and hires them — and then the different agencies assign them work.


The Secret Service said in a statement Thursday that at no time was the woman in a position to obtain national security secrets. The statement did not directly address the case of this particular woman or the allegations about her.

Well, at least she was in no position to obtain national security secrets, right? Thank goodness for small favors. Still, though … a decade is a pretty long time, no?