Jim Acosta is understandably upset at being heckled by the crowd at a Trump rally in Tampa last night. It sucks to be booed — and he’s such a sensitive guy, it cuts him very deeply.

Though he’s not quite sensitive enough to understand his own role in ginning up so much animosity toward the media.

Still, Acosta should take a little heart, at least. Because Ben Shapiro, for one, can empathize:

See, that’s the thing: The booing and heckling is pathetic and disturbing, but it pales in comparison to what conservatives like Shapiro and Charles Murray have faced on “tolerant” college campuses. Yet many on the Left are quick to blame conservatives for protests that turn violent. And journalists like Acosta frequently help to fan the flames of anti-conservative sentiment. Is it any wonder that that’s helped to create an environment in which booing and heckling of media figures has become the norm?

It should be … but it isn’t. And that’s thanks in no small part to people like Jim Acosta.