That recording of Donald Trump discussing paying off former Playboy Playmate — and alleged Trump mistress — Karen McDougal with Michael Cohen sounds pretty bad. But, while there’s no defending infidelity, voters pretty much knew what they were getting when they elected Donald Trump.

Still, though, Jimmy Kimmel seems to think it should be enough to spell the end for Trump:

More from the Daily Beast:

Jimmy Kimmel went all-in on the newly released tape of Michael Cohen and Donald Trump discussing a hush payment to Playboy playmate Karen McDougal on Wednesday night. And while he didn’t want to dwell on whether or not the president suggested making the payment in “cash,” he did want to talk about how insane it is that a story like this is not a bigger scandal for the man occupying the Oval Office.

“Really for any other president, a tape like this, on which we hear his voice, his married voice, suggesting that his lawyer pay a Playboy bunny $150,000 in cash to keep her quiet,” Kimmel told his audience, “for any other president, there would be an address to the nation tonight.”

Any other president would “apologize to his wife, his family, possibly Jesus, I don’t know, we might even have to get Barbara Walters involved,” the host added. “But for this president, there’s no statement. For him, it’s just Wednesday.”

Are you sure about that, Jimmy? Because Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, would beg to differ:

Bill Clinton not only survived; he thrived.

We definitely don’t get tired of watching.