Stunningly brave actor Seth Rogan has gallantly taken it upon himself to make Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey explain himself when it comes to verifying nasty accounts. Well, not liberals’ nasty accounts … just those belonging to white supremacists. Because, as everyone knows, liberals are just passionately compassionate.

Anyway, here’s Seth’s update on how his mission is going:

Bummer, man.

Jack’s got enough problems eating chicken sandwiches. Now he’s got self-righteous Seth Rogen to deal with?

And unverified Milo Yiannopoulos before banning him altogether. Meanwhile, verified liberal accounts encourage violence and tweet death wishes on a daily basis, but we don’t recall Seth raising a stink about them. Almost as if …


When Seth reaches out to Jack about vicious verified lefty trolls, maybe we’ll listen. Maybe.

Until then: