Have you heard the news? Border Patrol has checkpoints along highways in Maine and New Hampshire. Feminist crusader Amy Siskind, for one, can’t believe it. We’re on the cusp of something truly terrible:

Of course, what Siskind fails to note — probably because she was too outraged to do her research — is that these checkpoints aren’t new:

And when even Brian Stelter thinks you need to take it down a notch … it’s time to re-evaluate some things:

It doesn’t help liberals, anyway. But that’s not about to stop them.

Behold the outrage:

FFS, Neera.

Neera’s not the only one who’s flipping out at Stelter:

It’s not. But the Left is nothing if not incredibly gifted when it comes to shooting themselves in the foot.


It really isn’t.

Eh, context is for losers. Selling books is where it’s at:

Godwin’s Law and book sales. All in a day’s work!