If Jim Acosta isn’t the gift that keeps on giving, we don’t know what is.

Acosta’s in West Columbia, South Carolina, today to cover a Trump rally, and it looks like some of the attendees don’t care much for his presence there:

Now, to be clear, the “Go Home Jim” crap is B.S. Harassing and shouting at Acosta accomplishes nothing other than fanning the flames of division. If it’s wrong for liberals like Maxine Waters to do it, it’s wrong for Trump supporters, too.

That said, sticking it to Acosta and CNN with a sign is pretty funny (and a lot less annoying than immature heckling):

That face, though.

And don’t worry, there’s video:


How can it get better?

We could watch that all day, every day.

Like we said: The gift that keeps on giving.

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