As Twitchy told you, yesterday, Ana Navarro immigrant-splained that “immigrants don’t all think alike” and “are not a homogenous blob” — and then proceeded to slam immigrants who support or work in the Trump administration as bereft of consciences. Pretty bigoted, right? Well, as it turned out, she was just getting warmed up.

Last night, after socialist protesters harassed and ran DHS Sec. Kirstjen Nielsen out of a Mexican restaurant, Ana tweeted this:

LOL! See, it’s funny because Nielsen’s white and disagrees with Ana Navarro. So Nielsen shouldn’t get to enjoy Mexican food.

It’s probably worth noting that Nielsen’s Scandinavian heritage is Danish, not Norwegian. But white people are basically a homogeneous blob, right, Ana? So facts don’t matter. Bigotry is totes cool and hilarious when liberals do it.

Except Nielsen’s ethnicity does matter if you’re going to make it an issue. Seems Ana missed the fact that the way out of a hole is not to keep digging.

Ana may have her mindless little minions fooled, but not us. We see right through her. She’s made it crystal-clear what she’s about.

True story.