Yesterday afternoon, Democratic Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand took Republicans to task for failing to sign onto Dianne Feinstein’s Keep Families Together Act:

Gillibrand’s sentiments were echoed by many of her colleagues as well as by woke lefties who just want someone to think of the children.

Begging, you guys. It’s all so simple, Republicans. Just support the Democrats’ bill and all will be well with the world.

Or … not.

On the heels of yesterday’s must-read thread untangling the spin about the border situation, conservative attorney and blogger Gabriel Malor went to work dissecting Feinstein’s bill. And what he found was nothing short of insane:

In other words … business as usual.

Even when they’re in the majority, they pull this crap.

That’s probably more charitable than the Democrats deserve.


And sounding nice is all that matters. The same Democrats and liberals decrying the GOP — despite the fact that an increasing number of Republicans are speaking out against the family separation policy — for their inaction don’t seem terribly interested in the fact that GOP Sen. Ted Cruz also introduced a bill to help fix this mess.

Cruz’s bill may not be perfect, but for the Democrats to pretend Republicans are just sitting this out is a damn lie. The Democrats are clearly more interested in protecting the narrative than in finding meaningful solutions that will protect children.

Dems don’t actually want to fix any of this. They love to use kids as a bargaining chip and aren’t about to give that up.

True story. You can read his full Federalist piece here.



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