In case you missed it, a proposal to split California into three separate states has made it onto the November ballot:

If a majority of voters who cast ballots agree, a long and contentious process would begin for three separate states to take the place of California, with one primarily centered around Los Angeles and the other two divvying up the counties to the north and south. Completion of the radical plan — far from certain, given its many hurdles at judicial, state and federal levels — would make history.

Northern California would consist of 40 counties stretching from Oregon south to Santa Cruz County, then east to Merced and Mariposa counties. Southern California would begin with Madera County in the Central Valley and then wind its way along the existing state’s eastern and southern spine, comprising 12 counties and ultimately curving up the Pacific coast to grab San Diego and Orange counties.

Under the longshot proposal, Los Angeles County would anchor the six counties that retained the name California, a state that would extend northward along the coast to Monterey County. [Silicon Valley venture capitalist and ballot measure sponsor Tim] Draper’s campaign website argues the three states would have reasonably similar household incomes and enough industries to produce their own viable economies.

Not that anyone asked him to, but Lawrence O’Donnell has weighed in on the possible split with his characteristic insight and brilliance:

OK … wait, what?

Ha! But seriously. What is O’Donnell’s point, if it’s not to remind us that he’s a colossal dolt?

We’d expect nothing else.

We’ll leave you with this evergreen question: