As Twitchy told you, the New York Daily News’ Linda Stasi penned a piece suggesting that Fox News reporter Kimberly Guilfoyle be fired over her alleged relationship with Donald Trump Jr.

Aside from a problematic phrase about Guilfoyle picking grapes, Stasi’s piece was also stupid because Guilfoyle is not a reporter, and no one who is remotely familiar with her work at FNC would believe otherwise.

But if we’re going to start calling for networks to sever ties with pundits over romantic relationships with political power players, shouldn’t Stasi be more concerned about perhaps the most egregious offender? Earlier this month, Ben Rhodes joined NBC and MSNBC as a political contributor, and as tweeter @AG_Conservative points out, Rhodes has been carrying on a politically troubling sexual relationship for some time now:

Hey, what’s good for the goose!