In case you hadn’t heard, the Joker is getting his own movie:

Nobody was asking for that. Or so we thought. According to VICE, it may not be the movie we want, but dammit, it’s the movie we need:

Eve Peyser writes:

If this Joker movie is going to be overwrought and lame and reviled, it will at least be holding a mirror up to reality, which is also overwrought and lame and reviled. The president of the United States is an erratic TV star who holds ceremonies honoring patriotic songs he can’t sing and spends most of his time watching television shows about himself. Just this morning, White House counselor Kellyanne Conway accidentally referred to the president as “the commander of cheese.” Administration officials, for the most part, aren’t using their positions for complicated, supervillain-esque plots; they’re attempting to get their wives fast-food franchises. It’d be cartoonish, except most cartoons are less predictable. In this day and age, a Batman antagonist oozing menace and intelligence just doesn’t make sense. An impotent buffoon who does dumb evil sh*t, and somehow gets away with it is far more fitting. There’s even a real life connection between the Joker and Trump—Suicide Squad executive producer Steve Mnuchin is secretary of the treasury.

Oh, well. In that case … this is still an incredibly stupid take.

It’s an bigger train wreck than “Suicide Squad.” Holy crap, is it garbage.

It is if you want Trump to be president forever. Which Vice apparently does.