As Twitchy told you yesterday, Donald Trump took a page from Barack Obama’s book and made his Memorial Day message about himself.

It was a pretty sickening display, but it was also eye-opening. The same media and liberals who let Obama get away with celebrating himself — or even celebrated him for celebrating himself — were up in arms over Trump’s tweet. But you know what? They’ve only got themselves to blame, as Brit Hume so succinctly put it:


Trump may be a narcissistic jerk with megalomania, but is there any doubt that many of his critics are only adding fuel to that fire every time they drop whatever they’re doing to cover even the most trivial of remarks? He so much as sneezes and they’re all over him. Not only are they beclowning themselves over him, but they’re making it more difficult to get upset over genuinely outrageous things he says or does. They’re hurting themselves a lot more than they’re hurting Trump.