Journalists don’t take kindly to being called out for failing to do their jobs. That’s why WaPo White House reporter Seung Min Kim is so annoyed today.

This afternoon, Kim is attempting to restore the media’s sterling reputation by pushing back against the well founded notion that the media didn’t care about the disturbing treatment of detained illegal immigrants under Barack Obama. She’ll have you know that they totally cared about this stuff before Donald Trump ever set foot in the White House:

That’s nice, dear. Unfortunately, it means very little.

How many journalists and members of the media have we seen pushing Obama-era photos of immigrants as evidence of Trump’s horrible immigration policies? Sorry, but we’ve seen more outrage over something Trump didn’t do than we ever saw for something Obama did do.

Because priorities.

If anything, this cluster is only more evidence that when push comes to shove, the media just don’t give a damn about the truth.

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