You’re slipping, Chris Cillizza. Getting lazy. You’re not even trying to appear like the occasional professional journalist anymore:

Cillizza writes:

Remember back in the summer of 2016 when Bill Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch met privately on the tarmac of the Phoenix airport amid the FBI’s ongoing investigation into Hillary Clinton’s private email server? People, rightly, went crazy. It had the look of impropriety — even if both sides repeatedly insisted the conversation was all small talk and had nothing to do with the email investigation.

“It was really a sneak,” Trump said of the meeting at the time. “You see a thing like this and, even in terms of judgment, how bad of judgment is it for him or for her to do this? Who would do this?”

That was a former President of the United States meeting, briefly and without any sort of pre-announced agenda, with the attorney general. What’s transpired over the past 96 hours or so is the sitting President demanding his Justice Department investigate a rumor he heard, then meeting with the two people in charge and announcing that, at his request, they would be doing exactly what he asked.


“Um, WHAT?” is right, Chris. As in “um, WHAT” are you doing?

No, you cannot get an amen. Because Cillizza’s point is asinine.

They’re about as equal as …


Surely he is, though.

Chris Cillizza did.