Call us crazy, but if you’re going to market yourself as a “fact checker,” you should probably be interested in checking your facts. Which is why it might be time for the Washington Post’s Glenn Kessler to consider a career change:

First of all, this? This is not “a sharp push-back to the Trumpian spin”:

If anything, it supports the contention that Trump was referring to MS-13 and not illegal immigrants as a collective group.

And second of all, it’s not just “Trump supporters” who are calling out the media and liberals (but we repeat ourselves) for misrepresenting Trump’s remarks. In case Kessler hasn’t noticed, a lot of anti-Trump conservatives also understand the importance of context and are intellectually honest enough to call B.S. when they see it.

Kessler could learn a lot from those people.

How ’bout that WaPo slogan, huh?