As Twitchy told you, CNBC’s John Harwood tripped all over himself to defend MS-13’s humanity:

That sounds awful familiar … where have we heard it before? We can’t seem to put our fingers on it.

But Stephen Miller, aka @redsteeze, sure can:

Rewind to last year, when John Harwood had this to say about Trump’s post-Charlottesville remarks:

Harwood wrote:

In addressing the attack, Trump cast white supremacists and neo-Nazis carrying torches onto the University of Virginia campus as morally equivalent to counter-protesters advocating racial equality. His stance — a purposeful choice by a president who relishes singling out so many others for criticism — places him at odds with the values of the nation he was elected to serve.

Defending the humanity of a gang whose motto is “rape, control, kill” … that’s in line with the values of this nation?

We love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning. Speaking of which:

And you repeated it, John Harwood? For shame!