We’d like to say this is unbelievable, but it’s really not.

As Twitchy told you earlier, Sarah Sanders reiterated that Donald Trump was referring to MS-13 — not illegal immigrants as a group — as “animals” yesterday. She also said, with regards to MS-13, “Frankly, I think that the term ‘animal’ doesn’t go far enough.”

And guess how the Hill framed it:

What. The. Hell.

And what makes it even more ridiculous is that when you click through to the actual story, the headline doesn’t even match what’s the tweet:

And the article itself proves that the Hill’s tweet took Huckabee completely out of context. But it’s this damn narrative. They just can’t let it go.

The Hill — like many other media outlets — seems more determined than ever to go down in flames.



Was it shame that made the Hill delete their tweet? We may never find out. But we sure as hell won’t forget it either.

So, when do we get to read the Hill’s post about how they deleted their own tweet?