Earlier this week, author and commentator Haroon Moghul expressed concerns that Zionism has led more Palestinian than Israeli deaths:

More from NBC News “Think”:

While some of these Palestinians intended harm, they have been remarkably few and far between, a minuscule percentage of the tens of thousands of unarmed protesters. That is part of a historic pattern: Israel claims it only uses force when absolutely necessary. The evidence suggests otherwise. A hugely disproportionate number of Palestinians die, while few if any Israelis ever do (in this case: zero). Still Israel claims it is defending itself.

It is a curious line of defense, one which reveals the very (troubled, and troubling) logic of Zionism itself.

Yeah … friggin’ Zionism, what with all those pesky Jews defending their right to exist in the state of Israel!

Law professor David Bernstein, for one, wasn’t exactly sympathetic to Moghul’s point of view:

So The Week’s Damon Linker decided to set Bernstein straight:

You sure that’s the take you wanna go with, Damon?

There seriously aren’t oven mitts thick enough to handle that hot take.

It’s pretty impressive:

Well deserved.

He doesn’t seem to be familiar with the concept of self-defense. So, we’re guessing no.