As Twitchy told you last night, the annual Met Gala made appropriation great again with its “Heavenly bodies: Fashion and the Catholic imagination.” Since this sort of thing is OK now, the Babylon Bee feels pretty comfortable running with it:

More from the Babylon Bee:

“Our theme for 2019 will be ‘Islamic Imagination,’ and we will encourage celebrities to dress up like the prophet Muhammad or one of his concubines,” a representative for the Met said in an interview Tuesday. “Mocking religion is uncharted territory for cultural influencers such as ourselves. And we’re going to continue our edgy take by absolutely slamming Islam next year.”

“It’s gonna be lit,” she added.

Celebrities from across the world have already RSVPed, with Jared Leto confirming he would come dressed up as Muhammed, and Rihanna suggesting she may come dressed up as the Koran.

Well played, Bee. Again.

Thank goodness for that.



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