It’s always cute when CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski thinks he’s got any legit journalistic credibility. Bless his heart, and all that jazz.

Earlier today, the Washington Free Beacon published a piece by Susan Crabtree about EPA “whistleblower” Kevin Chmielewski, who claims that he was fired after expressing concern about EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s excessive spending. As Crabtree reports, Chmielewski has raised some red flags of his own with EPA officials:

A former Trump campaign “body man” turned Environmental Protection Agency whistleblower repeatedly cited by Democrats has a long history of run-ins with law enforcement, including a warning from a Secret Service detail, debt problems and other red flags that could have sunk his mandatory background check, legal experts say.

Chmielewski, who recently sat down with House and Senate Democrats and ABC News, has said he was retaliated against and fired for taking issue with excessive first-class and other travel and office spending by Pruitt. His complaints formed the basis of a mid-April letter several Democrats sent to Trump citing “grave concerns” about Pruitt’s spending.

However, several administration officials and two people who worked with him on the campaign vehemently disagree about the reasons he was forced out of the EPA.

Administration officials said Chmielewski was asked to resign over a number of issues, including that his supervisors and other co-workers didn’t know where he was on many occasions even though they suspected he was doing advance work.

Crabtree was quite thorough in her reporting. But, well, Kaczynski wasn’t impressed:

Is it, Andrew?

To be fair, expecting Kaczynski to put his money where his mouth is and practice actual journalism is a pretty tall order.


Don’t hold your breath.

Maybe this is all just a big misunderstanding. Or maybe, Kaczynski’s just pissed at being shown up by someone who practices legitimate investigative journalism.

No kidding.

One more thing to think about:



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