Sarah Sanders has been taking even more heat than usual from our media betters lately. Their beef with her? She’s doing her job. You know, the same job Obama’s press secretaries had. Is she in an awkward position where she sometimes has to try to spin the unspinnable? You bet. But the fact that she’s a Republican is the only reason Real Journalists suddenly care.

Real Journalists like CNN’s David Chalian:

Or Chris Cillizza:

Hacks like Chalian and Cillizza are too dense to recognize their own flaming selective outrage, but lucky for them, Stephen Miller, aka @Redsteeze, is here to help:

Who’s up for a stroll down Memory Lane?

Remember this?

Jay Carney and Josh Earnest lied to people’s faces on a daily basis. But we don’t recall guys like Chris Cillizza calling for their heads. It’s almost as if the White House press corps struggles with intellectual honesty.

He won’t be able to do that … but there’s still this:

‘Nuff said.

Fair enough.

Like it or not, the White House press secretary is there to defend the president. Now, you can debate how effectively they do their job, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s their job. And if you’re only going to get upset when one side spins, be prepared to get called out on your selective outrage.

And if shameless lapdogs like Chris Cillizza need anything else to chew on, here’s some parting food for thought: