The Washington Post’s Philip Bump has had some pretty hot takes in his day, but this one is pretty special:

Of course Dan Rather is lapping it up:

Shut up, Dan.

You know, it’s getting hard to keep track of the excuses Hillary Clinton has given for why she lost, but this one’s as good as any she’s come up with. Because last time we checked, Donald Trump was an open book. A wide-open book. Did we not know that he was an unapologetic womanizer and adulterer? Did we not know that he changed his policy positions as frequently as he changed his ties? Did we not know that he tended to exaggerate his own wealth, intelligence, and overall greatness?

We’re pretty sure most people knew all these things — and he got elected anyway. Thanks in no small part, by the way, to the media hacks who pulled out all the stops to make sure he was the Republican nominee.


Now, if you want to talk about presidential candidates who weren’t subject to “extreme vetting,” may we humbly remind you of Trump’s predecessor?

True story.