Patton Oswalt may be a comedian, but he knows when to take the clown nose off. And when it comes to Ben Shapiro, Oswalt has no time to joke around. This is serious business, folks. And we know this is serious business because of the people Oswalt’s tapping to make his point.

First up, we’ve got Vic Berger. You remember … he’s the guy who called Ben Shapiro a “pig-person” for pointing out that a lot of women are going to dental school. Oh, and he also accused Shapiro of inciting mass murder. Well, anyway, Oswalt retweeted this damning evidence of Ben Shapiro’s awfulness:

What’s Berger’s point, exactly? That Ben Shapiro wants to bring back slavery and hates black people? Consider that point … not made. But that’s OK, because Oswalt has someone else waiting in the wings. Someone very, very special and serious and special:

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only Nathan Bernard! In addition to threatening to sue Twitchy for libel for posting his comments in full and in context — and accusing Shapiro of inciting mass murder, natch — Bernard has also been pretty busy putting together these delightful videos linking Shapiro to Alt-Right trolls like Mike Cernovich and Jack Posobiec as well as Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson. And, oh yeah … accusing him of inciting mass murder:

Wow. Well, gee, Patton. When you put it like that … it’s still incredibly stupid and disingenuous. But nice try! A for effort!

Is he, though? Is he really?

We’ll leave with Patton this: