The parade of liberals lining up behind Joy Reid following her attempt to cover up her anti-LGBT history has been nothing short of impressive. For example, as Twitchy told you yesterday, despite the overwhelming evidence against Reid, pro-abort Dr. Eugene Gu rode to her defense by dismissing her critics, singling out Dana Loesch as someone who is “homophobic every single day.”

Well, Shannon Watts must’ve been drinking from the same toilet bowl as Gu, because here’s what she said today:

We’d love for Watts to point to “bigoted, racist, and other awful things” that Loesch has said. But honestly, she’d have an easier time doing that with Joy Reid’s “cyber-security expert.” You know, the guy who boasted about his ties to neo-Nazi outfit Stormfront.

That’s some flaming garbage right there. Naturally, Watts’ minions are lapping it up:

Classy. If only Loesch were as evolved as Watts’ followers.

Yeah, great work, Joy. When it comes to proving your critics exactly right, that is. Guess you have that in common with Watts.

Shannon Watts doesn’t seem to have evolved past the “lying liar who lies” stage.