Kanye Derangement Syndrome is a pretty amazing thing. If West’s recent warmth toward Donald Trump and Trump’s voters has accomplished nothing else, it’s shined a blinding spotlight on liberal hypocrisy. What was unacceptable is suddenly acceptable again:

More from Newsweek:

With a successful musical career and fashion line already to his name, Colbert suggested West might be looking to hop into another line of work. “I think Kanye’s lobbying for a job as Trump’s new communication’s director,” he joked.

“He could just change his name to Kellyanne Kanye,” Colbert said, referencing Trump’s notorious surrogate Kellyanne Conway.

Oh dear.

It sure is. Suggesting that Kanye West is essentially prostituting himself for Trump? Or suggesting that he’s like a woman? That’s transphobic, right?

And then of course there’s the whole racism thing:

Yes, Guy. You are.

Guess wokeness is a one-way street.



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