Yesterday morning, Donald Trump took a shot at Chuck Todd:

Now, most people probably saw “Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd” and figured that Trump was just showing off yet another one of his trademarked nicknames for someone he doesn’t like. But Stoneman Douglas High School student Sarah Chadwick saw something much more sinister:

Don’t worry, Sarah … they were talking about it:

This guy dissected it in an entire thread:

Unlikely in the extreme? Really?

We know this sounds crazy, but is it possible that Trump was just taking a swipe at Chuck Todd’s appearance, because that’s kind of what he does?

Or, at the very least, got it very, very wrong.

Even Oliver Willis is rolling his eyes:

Is Willis a self-hating Jew for admitting that his eyes are sleepy? Liberals flipping their sh*t over stuff like this only serves to diminish the seriousness of actual, intentional anti-Semitism.

It’s one thing to call out Donald Trump for legitimately awful things he says or does; it’s another thing entirely to be outraged for outrage’s sake. If Sarah Chadwick is genuinely concerned about Jews being insulted by titles, maybe she should start by having a talk with her Stoneman Douglas classmates David and Lauren Hogg:

Better get on that, Sarah.

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