When Rand Paul found out that Lisa Page and Peter Strzok still have Top Secret security clearance at the FBI, he was pretty pissed:

Obama’s former NatSec spokesman Tommy Vietor was pissed, too, but not about Page and Strzok; he was pissed at Paul. And he told him so — in his trademark classy style, of course:

It’s possible to disagree with Paul without looking like a complete jackass. Unfortunately, Tommy doesn’t know how to do that.

This effing guy.

Some joke.



Deleted, but not forgotten:

Sorry, Tommy, but you can’t memory-hole your being human garbage.



Vietor is totes sorry, you guys:

Yeah, here’s the apology:

If only Tommy hadn’t shown himself to be chronically classless, we might actually believe he’s genuinely somewhat sorry. Too bad classless is just how he rolls.