Piers Morgan just saw “Chappaquiddick” and was moved by its powerful portrayal of Ted Kennedy, “who did a terrible thing”:

Morgan’s right about one thing, at least: Kennedy deserved the tough screen treatment. But he apparently didn’t feel that way in 2012 when Katie Pavlich pointed out that Kennedy had left Mary Jo Kopechne to die:

Indeed. In September 2012, as Pavlich wrote:

Last night on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, I pointed out the hypocrisy of Democrats, specifically at the DNC, glorifying someone like Ted Kennedy while claiming the GOP is responsibile for waging a “war on women.” Long time Democratic strategist Hilary Rosen (who was in the spotlight earlier this year for attacking Ann Romney and stay at home moms) quickly cut me off and Piers Morgan called my comment “below the belt.”

You know what’s really below the belt? Leaving a woman to die in your car, covering it up and then claiming to be pro-woman. Even if Democrats like Rosen want to forget about Mary Jo Kopechne in defense of Kennedy others will not and as you might expect, many on the left responded to my factual comment about Kennedy with tolerance and civil discussion, Twitchy has the documentation.

It seems to us that Piers owes Katie an apology. At the very least.

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Pavlich has responded directly to Morgan’s tweet:

Well said!