The New Republic’s Sarah Jones is among the many lefty journalists flipping the hell out over the Atlantic hiring Kevin Williamson:

But maybe she should worry about the state of her own house first.

That’s an understatement! As the Weekly Standard’s Mark Hemingway points out:

Former Oregon Governor Neil Goldschmidt started sleeping with his kids’ teenage babysitter in the 1970s, when he was the mayor of Portland.

Yes. Yes it is:

In 2008, a few years after admitting he didn’t go public with his knowledge that Oregon’s Democratic governor was a rapist, [New Republic owner Win] McCormack wrote a book a called You Don’t Know Me: A Citizen’s Guide to Republican Family Values. According to the cover blurb from Arianna Huffington, “Win McCormack reveals the true hypocrisy and depravity of those who love to quote the bible but act like Caligula.”

In 2011, Elizabeth Lynn Dunham, Goldschmidt’s teenage victim, died in hospice at age 49. She spent most of her life battling addiction and mental illness. Neil Goldschmidt is still with us. When he’s not in Oregon, he lives on an estate in the South of France.

Obviously, Win McCormack wasn’t solely to blame for covering up Goldschmidt’s misdeeds. But had he said what he knew about Goldschmidt in 1990, maybe it could have helped. Maybe it would have stopped Goldschmidt from wreaking so much havoc in the state as a corrupt lobbyist. Maybe it would have resulted in Elizabeth Lynn Dunham finding the support she needed, but didn’t have.

So, to summarize:



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