As Twitchy told you, when Shannon Watts learned that the Great Mills shooter died of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head after being confronted by the armed school resource officer, she could barely contain her glee. For some odd reason, she thinks that that “destroys the NRA’s narrative.”

Ryan Petty’s daughter Alaina was murdered by Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz. But unlike Watts and so many of the loudest gun control proponents, Petty is actually putting his money where his mouth is and working to help craft meaningful reforms that could go a long way toward reducing gun violence. In the wake of devastating loss, Petty has shown the utmost grace and class. But that doesn’t mean he’ll sit silently and let Watts get away with spreading her B.S.:

Excellent point. He’s also got one for Joy Reid, who seems to believe that Dana Loesch has to explain herself for what happened at Great Mills High School:





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