Apparently Amnesty International has had a lot of free time on their hands. Enough time to address Twitter “[violating] women’s human rights”:

More from New York Magazine’s Select All:

Amnesty International put out a report this week entitled “#ToxicTwitter: Violence and abuse against women online.” It analyzes what it is like to be a woman on Twitter and takes a closer look at the ways the platform fails to protect women against violence and abuse. Spoiler alert: It’s all bad.

“The violence and abuse many women experience on Twitter has a detrimental effect on their right to express themselves equally, freely and without fear,” the study says. “Instead of strengthening women’s voices, the violence and abuse many women experience on the platform leads women to self-censor what they post, limit their interactions, and even drives women off Twitter completely.” To put it more bluntly, Amnesty International published a giant study detailing what most women who actively use Twitter could have already told you: Twitter can be a hostile and dangerous place if you’re not a man.

Sorry … “violence”?


Conducted with 86 subjects over 14 months, the study is eight chapters long and details a number of instances in which women and nonbinary people faced hate speech, violence, and threats on Twitter. A women’s-rights activist said she was told to drink floor polish after criticizing an actor in an Amazon ad. “I get harassment as a woman and I get the extra harassment because of race and being a black woman. They will call white women a ‘c*nt’ and they’ll call me a ‘n*gger c*nt’. Whatever identity they can pick they will pick it and use it against you,” journalist Imani Gandy said.

Twitter can be a nasty place, to be sure. We’ve documented plenty of verbal abuse directed at women on Twitter — some of it from other women. But to equate disgusting, abusive tweets with violence is kind of a slap in the face to women who have been actual victims of violence.

Stop making sense!


But seriously. If words on Twitter constitute violence now, there are ways to fight back. So effective that even all those helpless women can use them!