Apparently Katie Couric’s embarrassing performance as Olympic opening ceremony co-host wasn’t embarrassing enough for the folks at SXSW, because yesterday, they decided to give her a platform for another subject on which she has zero credibility:

More from Variety:

Katie Couric framed her SXSW conversation, “The Muslim Next Door,” with a Dickensian twist on Sunday.

“These are the best of times, these are the worst of times — for Muslims in America,” she said.

As part of her upcoming six-part National Geographic series “America Inside Out with Katie Couric,” the journalist taped a live podcast from the Austin, Tex. event. Alongside guests Wajahat Ali from the New York Times, Brian Goldsmith from Stitcher and Syrian-American rapper and activist Mona Haydar, Couric delved into the current political climate for Muslims living in America, the double standards they face, Trump’s role in their plight and even Louis Farrakhan. (Farrakhan was back in the news again with his Feb. 25 anti-Semitic speech at a Nation of Islam gathering, which inspired the question on how Muslim moderates should respond to him.)

This probably wouldn’t be so annoying if it weren’t Katie Couric moderating this panel. There’s nothing that says a non-Muslim can’t moderate a discussion among Muslims, but Katie Couric? Come on. The woman makes up facts. Lies when the truth is too inconvenient. In short, has no credibility on anything. She’s an absolute joke.

That’s basically what you’ve got here.

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for respect and credibility, stay far, far away from Katie Couric.

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