Louis Farrakhan’s evil is getting more and more difficult to deny — though, doggone it, much of the Left still seems determined to try.

And speaking of inexcusable:

Earlier this week, Jake Tapper raised the specter of Barack Obama’s relationship with Louis Farrakhan. But Tapper has been the exception to the media’s gag rule. It’s not a coincidence that this photo of Obama and Farrakhan stayed buried for almost two decades:

And we have no doubt that the media will be working overtime to re-bury it. Anything to protect their god-king from scrutiny.


Jeremiah Wright and Louis Farrakhan were cut from the same cloth. Does anyone actually believe that in all the years Obama listened to Wright’s screeds, he tuned out garbage like this?

When the presidency was on the line, Obama tried to distance himself from Wright, and the media seemed satisfied. How much do you want to bet that they’ll continue to give him a pass and make excuses for his friendliness with Farrakhan, too?