In case you missed it, Nashville Mayor Megan Barry — a Democrat — is resigning after pleading guilty to felony theft:

More from CNN:

“My time today as your mayor concludes,” Barry, a Democrat, told reporters, thanking the support staff she’s worked with during her tenure.

“I sincerely hope and believe that my own actions will not tarnish or otherwise detract from all of the great work they do,” she continued. Barry later tweeted that her tenure was “the privilege of my entire professional life.”

Barry pleaded guilty earlier Tuesday morning to felony theft of property over $10,000, according to court documents obtained by CNN. She agreed to reimburse the city of Nashville $11,000 and serve three years of probation.

Aside from the fact that it’s nice to see a Democrat being held accountable for a change, there’s another fun layer to this story. A layer we might’ve missed if not for the inimitable Iowahawk:

He’s right, you know. And lucky for us, he’s willing to write it:


Impossible to enjoy this too much.

Get this man into the recording studio, STAT!

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Holy moly … someone actually recorded it!