As Twitchy told you last night, Oscar winner Gary Oldman had the nerve — the nerve! — to thank America in his acceptance speech. He also paid tribute to Winston Churchill, the man he portrayed in “The Darkest Hour.”

Well, Ryan John Butcher, blue-checked journo for the UK’s Independent, had a big problem with that.

His account may be private, but despite his best efforts, Butcher’s hot take is still very much available to the public:

What’s wrong, Ryan? Own that sh*t! Own it!

Bam. Nailed it. No wonder Butcher fled — the truth hurts way too much.

Some journalist.

Butcher’s not a journalist either, evidently. Not a serious one, anyway.

Willful ignorance, to boot. You know, Ryan, you can do something about that:

On the other hand:

Ha! Probably.