In case you hadn’t had your fill of Parkland shooting hot takes, here’s one from USA Today’s opinion section:

Opinion contributor and law enforcement instructor Tim Vogt writes:

I ask all of these “courageous” commentators and politicians to place themselves in this officer’s shoes. Do you know how you would react when the rounds start flying near you? Have all of you been in a building while real shots are being fired at you? I have not, so please fill me in. Do you know how that incredible sound affects your brain and your body? Have you been trained in any way to understand the physiological effects on the human body during and after a shooting incident? Have you felt your heart pound out of your chest while someone is killing people around you, with a weapon that you can’t possibly match in fire power?

Of course, the answer to all of these questions is no. And to all of those officers who speak as if they wouldn’t hesitate in a similar situation, and so flippantly dismiss this man’s actions, you better have the applicable warrior credentials.

What Vogt fails to acknowledge is that it was Scot Peterson’s effing job to defend the lives of Douglas High School students. Peterson’s critics aren’t calling him out because they fancy themselves as having “warrior credentials”; they’re calling him out because he failed to do his job, and 17 people are dead.

Vogt concludes:

Just like all of these children and teachers had families, so did this man. Let him live with his decision without hearing about it from the unqualified and spineless peanut gallery. If you’ve got such a problem with his actions and know that you would do better, we are actively looking for recruits to risk their lives on behalf of others each day, all for a lower middle-class wage.

Sorry, Tim, but the “spineless peanut gallery” absolutely has the right to shame Scot Peterson — as well as the Broward County Sheriff’s Department — for deadly incompetence. Vogt’s twisted defense of a man who epitomizes the word “coward” deserves to get throttled. And that’s exactly what’s happening:

Know who else is part of the “spineless peanut gallery”?

Nice going, Tim.