MSNBC is chock-full of gluttons for punishment. Remember last week, when anchors Stephanie Ruhle and Lawrence O’Donnell made complete asses of themselves by arguing that a handgun is no match for an AR-15 because the AR-15’s bullets travel faster?

Well, having clearly learned nothing from the beating she took, Stephanie Ruhle was back at it again today, with a little help from MSNBC terrorism analyst Malcolm Nance. Get a load of this:

Yeah. “Explain.” That’s certainly one way of putting what we just watched.

Of course they are.

For a guy who repeatedly stresses that “it’s not like the movies,” Nance sure seems to think it’s like the movies. And Ruhle’s already bought into this crap, so it’s not like she’s gonna point out the gaping holes in his argument.

One thing’s for sure: When it comes to accuracy, the AR-15’s got MSNBC beat. By miles.

Exit idea:

If only. But the only thing that scares her more than guns is the truth.

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