It really is like clockwork:

If the NRA is disadvantaged in the gun control debate, it’s due in no small part to hacks like Rubin who are only too happy to push false narratives in an attempt to discredit gun rights advocates like Dana Loesch.

Rubin writes:

As we saw from NRA spokeswoman Dana Loesch’s appalling performance (she was condescending, dismissive, non-responsive) at the CNN town hall, the NRA is peculiarly disadvantaged in this debate. It faces sympathetic, articulate victims willing to ridicule its nonsensical talking points. Law-enforcement is visibly supporting the students. (Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel scolded Loesch, saying that “you just told this group you are standing up for them. You’re not standing up for them until you say, ‘I want less weapons.’”) The NRA’s jaundiced, practiced spokesmen are no match for the students expressing a remarkable mixture of anger, fear, optimism and candor. The students have not learned and have no interest in learning how to pull their punches; they have zero tolerance for the canned remarks of the NRA’s lackeys.

Shockingly, Rubin was so busy trashing the NRA that she neglected to point out that Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel is the same Broward County Sheriff whose office ignored repeated warnings about Nikolas Cruz. “Dismissive” Dana Loesch called Israel out for his incompetence; brave crusader for justice Rubin did not.

If Jennifer were honest, she’d stop calling herself a conservative.