It’s one thing to dislike Donald Trump. It’s another thing entirely to believe something like this:

He’s kidding, right? Nooooooope.

Author and professor Ernesto Semán advises against comparing Donald Trump to former Argentinian dictator Juan Perón — because Donald Trump is way worse:

Like so many familiar historical cliches, however, this one is incomplete, if not downright wrong. It ignores that the core of Peronism was a vision that is the exact opposite of Trumpism. Peronism led a process of expanding economic equality, collective organization and political enfranchisement. Trumpism, by contrast, builds upon American tendencies toward inequality, individualism and political disengagement.

Semán concludes:

Instead of fearing Latin American populism, maybe, as political scientist Thea Riofrancos has suggested, Democrats should look to it as offering a potential path forward for a more equal and fair country. Only by embracing instead of dismissing collective claims for dignity and questioning the existing order will the country be able to confront Trumpism and the causes of Trump’s rise to power.

Ernesto. Ernie. That’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

Speaking of perspective …


A piece of parting advice:



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