You’d be hard-pressed to find a more likable — and reasonable — representative for conservatism than Guy Benson. But a group of students at Brown University, where Benson is scheduled to speak today, have decided that by virtue of his conservatism, Benson has no place on their campus:

We will not stand idly by as our proud history of student activism is belittled and the real emotional, physical, and psychological needs of marginalized students are denigrated as illogical and irrelevant. We, the undersigned, are staunchly opposed to this event. We consider Benson’s invitation yet another iteration of a conversation that is misguided, narrow-minded, and explicitly dangerous to the well-being and continued thriving of people of color and other marginalized people at Brown University and the broader community.

So often, popular conversations around free speech focus on the right of people with power or who hold privileged identities (i.e. who are white, or cisgender men, or wealthy, or able bodied, etc.) to espouse hateful rhetoric which actively makes others less safe. Rarely do these mainstream conversations on free speech consider the urgent need for people of color and other marginalized people to speak back against systems of oppression for their own self-preservation.

It is the responsibility of every member of the Brown community to look deeply within themselves and within their surroundings to see and speak against subtle and not-so-subtle traces of white supremacy and fascism that exist or are enabled in our community. White supremacy and fascism are not outside problems. These are Brown University problems and we must be unequivocal and unrelenting in our pursuit of their eradication.

Read the whole thing, if only to witness the amazing depth of these students’ insanity.

These students are concerned that Benson will argue in favor of silencing “marginalized communities,” so … they’re coming out against giving him a platform to speak. Never mind that one could argue that Benson, as a gay conservative, himself is a member of a marginalized community.

Let’s all clap!

In any event, Benson doesn’t seem fazed by the students’ aversion to hearing him speak:

Yes! And that’s why we love — and respect — him so.

The ones who are against him speaking are the ones who need to hear him most.

Oh, please.

Benson’s detractors are only proving him right.

These students fancy themselves social justice warriors … but they’re not brave at all. They’re cowards who can’t bear the thought of venturing outside their warm, fuzzy bubble and exposing themselves to a different point of view.

They might actually learn something! And they can’t have that.