Oliver Willis may no longer be a “senior fellow” at Media Matters, but in his heart, he’ll always carry on the MMFA tradition of making crap up to smear conservatives who expose the worst about the Left.

Today, in response to Breitbart News deleting a racist tweet that “did not meet [their] editorial standards”:

Willis slimed the late Andrew Breitbart:

There’s no disputing that Breitbart News has taken an ugly turn since their founder’s death, especially over the past couple of years. But to suggest that their current model is remotely in line with Andrew Breitbart’s vision is not only absurd; it also dishonors his memory. Andrew Breitbart made it his life’s work to fight racism and discrimination, particularly the racism and discrimination woven so deeply into the fabric of the Left.

Andrew Breitbart was no racist. The same can’t be said for one of liberals’ most celebrated heroes:

Mic. Drop.