Does Eric Trump have a “FAKE NEWS” target on his back or something? Last night, Newsweek totally misquoted what he said about Donald Trump and racism.

Also yesterday, there was this from the Washington Post:

The thing is, Eric Trump didn’t say that; he was quoting other people he said have spoken to him:

“Every single day I walked on the street and people come up to me,” Trump said. “They hugged me. ‘Tell your father we say thank you. You know what, I just opened up my 401(k), I haven’t looked at in a year. It is up by 35 percent. I mean, I didn’t think retirement was possible.'”

WaPo could’ve saved themselves some embarrassment if they’d just noted that in the first place. We know it doesn’t align with their preferred narrative, but couldn’t they make an exception? You know, in the interest of honest journalism?

The correction’s nice and all, but it kind of really downplays their mistake.

The changes WaPo made to their story were pretty significant, no?

It’d be nice to think they’ll learn their lesson after this, but let’s face it: That’s pretty unlikely. This sort of thing is just par for the course now.