Yesterday, the New Republic’s Sarah Jones got all pissy because “right-wing hawks” have been expressing their support for Iranian protesters demonstrating against their repressive government. According to her, conservatives have no credibility when it comes to women’s rights. Jones herself, it should be noted, couldn’t even bring herself to retweet images of the brave women protesters, much less write about their bravery.

Well, journalist Rossalyn Warren has a similar beef with conservatives:

Could that be because feminists groups aren’t speaking out in support of Iranian women?

But we digress. Because what all this is really about is poor Linda Sarsour:

When you call out Linda Sarsour for her hypocrisy on women’s rights:

Here’s how she responds:

Says the Queen of Selective Outrage. And selective vision, evidently.


Look? And ruin their bullsh*t narrative?

And for the record, Linda, it’s not just conservative women writing about the Rohingya genocide:

Looks to us like conservatives have done a lot more than Linda to spread awareness of the plight of the Rohingya.

Support for the Rohingya should be a pretty easy cause for Linda Sarsour to get behind. Her Muslim brothers and sisters are being slaughtered by the thousands. And yet, she wasn’t able to muster more than one tweet for them in 2015:

More than a year and a half went by before she tweeted about them again. Guess she was too busy being a warrior for women by defending sharia law, crusading for abortion, and calling for other women to have their vaginas taken away. Oh, and enabling sexual predators!

Making a mockery of “women’s rights” is the only thing she’s good at.



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