You must have to be really cultured to appreciate art like this:

What, exactly, is happening here? Is she dead? or just resting? If it’s the latter, we hope she remembered to put on plenty of sunscreen.

That’s about where we’re at, too.

More from the New Yorker:

In “Three Eagles Flying,” a self-portrait from 1990, the photographer Laura Aguilar stands, bare-breasted and bound by heavy rope, between the Mexican and American flags. Her lower body is draped with the Stars and Stripes, her face masked by the image of the eagle in the Mexican coat of arms.

We’re gonna stop you right there, New Yorker. That’s not art. That’s just … weird.

Based on the ratio for the New Yorker’s tweet, Aguilar’s art isn’t winning many people over.

Guess not. And that’s a damn shame.