SHOCKAH! Dem Senators bend over BACKWARDS to avoid discussing Al Franken

Posted at 12:49 pm on November 16, 2017 by Sarah D

As Twitchy told you, Al Franken’s fellow Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar wasn’t ready to comment on his getting busted for allegedly sexually harassing and groping Leeann Tweeden. She needed to wait for him to comment.

But Klobuchar’s not the only Democratic senator who’s suddenly lost her ability to speak:

They’re going out of their way to avoid it, in fact:

Chuck Schumer usually can’t shut up. But today?

And Senators McCaskill and Cantwell:

And Ben Cardin:

At least Jeanne Shaheen has an excuse for not wanting to confront this particular issue:

Wait … what?

Guess it’s hard for Democrats to put their money where their mouths are when their mouths are shut so tightly.



Chuck Schumer is finally speaking out:

Wow. Impressive.



Look at brave Patty Murray:



At least Heidi Heitkamp’s statement is decidedly more forceful:

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