As Twitchy told you last week, congressional Republicans were considering a proposal that would cap pre-tax retirement savings at just $2,400 a year. There was a plenty of pushback — rightfully — against that, and Donald Trump initially responded with this tweet:

And then contradicted himself:

Trump said 401(k)s are “very important” to him because they benefit the middle class but suggested tweaks could be included.

“Well maybe it is, maybe we’ll use it as negotiating, but trust me, that’s one of the great things,” Trump said.

In other words, we have no idea if or how the government is going to mess with Americans’ retirement savings. But this morning, David Axelrod wondered aloud why messing with our retirement savings would be such a bad thing:

Needless to say, Axelrod himself got an earful:

And speaking of Obama ideas …


Evidently Axelrod realized it was maybe a very bad idea, because a few hours later, he tweeted this:


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