Looks like Chris Christie stopped eating his meatloaf long enough to talk to GQ about his complicated relationship with Donald Trump.

Sorry, Chris. But that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works.

More from GQ:

Christie insists that he and Trump have no problems with each other—that, in fact, they’ve been friends for years—and it’s obviously important to him that people know he views himself and the businessman turned president as peers. Christie’s former law partner and longtime political consigliere, Bill Palatucci, emphasizes that when Trump and Christie first met in 2002, Christie said hello as a favor to Trump’s sister, a federal judge whose jurisdiction includes New Jersey. “I think it’s crucial to understanding the relationship,” Palatucci says. “To meet Trump on such a level playing field means a lot, and they’ve always seen themselves as equals.” Christie says of Trump: “He gets mad at me at times, he yells at me at times, but he respects me.” Christie adds that he often yells back at Trump, although “less now that he’s president.”

Lordy. How sad is that?