Mary Katharine Ham opened up at The Federalist today, sharing her personal experiences as a victim of sexual harassment in the hopes that other victims will feel empowered to speak out and triumph over their victimizers.

She writes:

I’m now raising two daughters. Is “as the mother of daughters” something I’m allowed to say? It makes a difference to me. I want to teach them to throw a flag on powerful men when they’re in the wrong, but I don’t want to teach them that all powerful men are out to do them wrong. I want them to trust their guts and live boldly, but also have a realistic idea of dangers they will face. I don’t want them to assume the cards are stacked against them, but I want them to know they will face injustice sometimes. I want them to understand deeply the goodness of good men and use that knowledge to guide their choices when they encounter ones who aren’t. I want them prepared, not jaded.

I want them to know they can speak up and still rise in their careers. That’s certainly not a given. Some would say it was a luxury that it went that way for me, though it didn’t feel like a luxury at the time. But part of making it more acceptable is showing that I did it.

Maybe, if and when my daughters have to speak up, those in the wrong will pay the price and make the adjustments, not them.

Ham’s message is a powerful one. And it apparently went completely over this guy’s head:

No, Robert. Crazy is thinking you could take a swipe at Mary Katharine Ham and get away with it:

If that’s not the mother of all mic drops, it comes pretty darn close.

Her daughters are lucky to have a mom like her.

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