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More Like YOU Lie! Lefty BUSTED Bigly for Douchey Attempt at Pretending Trump Needed Help Off Stage


Welp, it's official. The Left is worried about how old and out of it Biden really is. It's sad that it has taken this long for them to realize he is simply too old for the job but hey, it appears that they've finally figured it out. NOT enough, mind you, to remove him, but enough for them to try and deflect and lash out at Trump with straight-up lies about his needing assistance like their old-timer.


There are plenty of things you can say about Trump, but claiming he needs help walking off stage is just obnoxious BS. Especially when the person making the snarky claim is using a screenshot from a video and knows DAMN WELL he's lying.

Ironic from an account that starts with, 'No Lie,' don't you think?

What a jagoff.

Community Notes, anyone?

Kudos to KFILE ... 


Now THAT'S funny.



We see what Tony did here. 


That works.

True story.

Unlike Brian's claim about Trump being led off stage.



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